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Stroll Through the Parish

Monk Sherborne Parish, which includes part of Charter Alley, has just under 300 households made up of a variety of dwellings, some old and some new, all contributing to the pleasing appearance of the villages. Much of Monk Sherborne lies within a Conservation Area and as such is, to a large extent, protected.  There are nine listed buildings within Monk Sherborne Conservation Area which includes All Saints Church, which is listed Grade1, and the old style red telephone box. 

All Saints ChurchThere are several roads leading to Monk Sherborne.  Let’s make a journey down one of these and note the places of interest as we travel.  We turn off the Kingsclere Road (A339) and journey down a narrow winding road until we approach the edge of the village and notice on our right, All Saints church, which dates back to Norman times.

War memorialWe now come to a small junction where the War Memorial is situated and note the new railings with gold finials, reminding us of the Jubilee in 2002.

Continuing on through the village we arrive at the Village Hall on the right hand side.  The plaque on the front of the Hall tells us that the community was recorded in the Domesday Book.  The Hall is the centre of much activity and is the venue for various meetings and organisations. Attached to the Hall is the fenced Play Area - recently refurbished and cared for by the Parish Council. Ahead of us we see the village public house, 'The Mole' on the corner of the road leading to Charter Alley, at the junction of Ramsdell Road and Salter's Heath Road. 

Village Hall

Domesday plaque

Play area

To the right of The Mole is Salters Heath Road where a lovely avenue of oak trees has been planted to commemorate the Millennium. Continuing onwards along the road we come to a little pond on our right hand side – home to one or two ducks and much wildlife. 

We shall now turn left and look out for The Priory School, set in woodland, on The Priory Schoolour right. Continuing on, we see a path to the right leading to the Priory.  Let’s retrace our steps to the school and opposite we see the signpost directing us to the village of Charter Alley.  We journey down yet another winding country road, passing much farming land, until we reach tPamber Prioryhe village.  A cluster of houses, both old and new, form this little community.  Just before the junction we note, on our left, the Parish Notice Board, and here we turn left.  Near the telephone box and bus shelter we again turn left and travel back to Monk Sherborne.  Nearing the village we notice Kiln Laneon our right.  At the end of this lane was the kiln where bricks were made – some of which were used in the building of some houses in the village.  Continuing onward, we find ourselves back at The Mole, so completing our journey through the parish.