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Village Hall Update: 

The footings are virtually complete now. Everything has gone to plan, so far.

RJS are making great progress and hopefully now have the weather on their side.

The frame should arrive week commencing 18th March and it is expected that by the end of March it will be up. The scaffolding will go up around it to allow work to start on the roof.

We have had an onsite meeting with the Parish Council and can reassure you that provision has been made for access to the field for the lawn to be cut there when necessary. A fence has also been put up by RJS on the road to stop people cutting through the hedge to the park. It was dangerous and unnecessary as there is a perfectly adequate footpath beside the old hall.

RJS say people have been commenting (from watching in the park) that the hall is going to be so large. It is bigger than the old hall by approximately one third. However, we will no longer have the garage for storage hence the need for a larger storage area inside the hall.

As much as we had to cut the landscaping plans due to a shortfall in budget we do realise that parking needs to be addressed once the hall is built and the old one demolished. We have asked RJS for a quotation and will review it later on.

Please continue to drive carefully past the site as lorries are turning and exiting there at all times.

More news and photographs to follow in April.

By the way, we have not forgotten those of you who purchased roof tiles in the Grand Draw, as soon as we get the tiles we will be in contact with you again.

Best Wishes